Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Many people are wanting to quit smoking but fear the extra weight gain that is sometimes associated with quitting. Snacking is the major cause of this weight gain. As we fight off the cravings for nicotine we replace it with whatever we can stuff in our mouths. In effect replacing one bad habit with another. Obesity can be as harmful as smoking.
Nicotine is a powerful toxin primarily used as an insecticide. It has absolutely no medicinal benefit, and it continues to kill thousands of people each year. Fortunately, once we quit, nicotine only stays in our system for a short while. The percentage of nicotine in our bodies is cut by half every two hours so the physical effects of nicotine withdrawal have usually left our bodies by the time we get up each day. Our bodies become 100% nicotine free in 72 hours. 
That means that we just have to deal with the psychological effects of nicotine withdrawal, and that is usually much tougher for a lot of people. When people quit smoking often they will satisfy their cravings for a cigarette with a snack. If you were to do this five or six times a day you would soon start packing on the pounds and foolishly wondering if it's all worth it. Anxiety and irritability are also symptoms of nicotine withdrawal along with difficulty concentrating and sleeping. Not to mention the increased hunger.
Smokers have to realize that this is an addiction and like other addictions we have to face it hour by hour and day to day. The easy part is that this is a psychological addiction and we can beat it by training our minds to remember that we are now non-smokers and non-smokers don't go around being irritable all day. Non-smokers aren't consumed with thoughts of lighting up. Non-smokers don't snack all day long because they haven't got their nicotine fix. Non-smokers don't stink like smoke, and they haven't got tobacco stained teeth.
 They dramatically cut their risks of heart attacks and strokes. Non-smokers live longer, more healthier lives. Remember that each craving lasts only a few minutes, and you can talk yourself through it. As each day progresses the cravings will subside. There is only one rule for 100% success and that is - No Nicotine Today. If you fail in your attempt to quit smoking, try again. It's never too late to quit smoking. You are only a smoker when you are smoking, and if you want to be a non-smoker, don't smoke.
There are many products out there that will replace cigarettes with other forms of nicotine injection. That's all they do is replace nicotine with nicotine. It's not the smoking we are addicted too it's the nicotine. Remember there is only one rule for 100% success - No Nicotine Today.
My recommendation is that you replace cigarettes with something that will suppress your appetite. Something to manage stress and enhance your mood. Something that encourages mental clarity and focus. Something like Visi's "Trimma". This one a day capsule is made from a proprietary formula of all natural ingredients including the Arctic Cloudberry. Trimma will help you fight off those cravings all day, safely and naturally. Many people have successfully quit smoking and I encourage you to keep trying
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