Procrastination During Smoking Can Kill!

The worst thing we can do while smoking is to delay quitting. By prolonging the quit, the closer we become to walking that one-way street into deaths arms. You may think that I'm being a little extreme, but take a look at the statistics of young smokers dying. The age of 'terminal smokers' is dropping fast. Fact. There 2 main factors causing this change;
  1. There are more children in their early teens taking up smoking.
  2. The amount of chemicals that are added to cigarettes have varied and increased.
Procrastination during smoking is literally life threatening. The longer we put off quitting smoking, the more chance there is of a deadly disease taking over our body. Every single cigarette we put to our lips is like another pull of the trigger during a game of Russian roulette. Problem is that there are only so many empty chambers before the hammer finally strikes a bullet.
When quitting smoking, the term "sooner rather than later" has more truth than we think. According to the surgeon general Regina Benjamin, one puff of a cigarette could kill you. Although cancer can take quite a long time before it takes a hold on your body, a heart attack could be just around the corner.
Its become quite clear recently that the harm caused by smoking (especially those concerning the heart) can start in right away says Dr Terry Pechacek of the CDC. This means that the so-called "social smoker" is also at risk from a heart attack, if the persons arteries are silently clogged then one cigarette is enough to cause a cardiac arrest.
There are more than 7000 chemicals in each puff and as they surge through your body, they cause cellular damage in nearly all organs, and as you take each puff the smoke enters the body and transforms its chemistry so that its sticky and tacky, this is how arteries are blocked.
You really are playing Russian roulette when you decide to keep smoking and I don't believe we're even close to discovering the true extent of the damage that smoking causes, not just to us but also our loved ones through passive smoke.
None of us actually think that it will happen to us, but believe me when i tell you that if you keep smoking then there's only one way out! Don't just be another statistic, quit now before it's too late. Quit for good.
Defeating the 'smokers delay' is relatively easy. Please visit HERE to find out how.

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