The Best Diet For Addiction Recovery

Once someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol the road to recovery is sometimes long and difficult. But there are ways to speed up the process and make it easier to bear at the same time.
Diet and exercise play a big part in a full and quick recovery. The body which has been malnourished for some time, usually as a result of addiction, needs to be built back up in order for the person to successfully get off of drugs or alcohol.

Usually while a person is addicted to drugs and alcohol they do not notice things like diet and exercise. Their body becomes completely malnourished and cannot fight off basic sicknesses.
The Malnourished Body
A malnourished body has problems with things such as:
The Heart
The Circulatory system
The Liver
The Pancreas
The Kidneys

All of these systems can suffer various breakdowns as a result of the lacking nutrition in the body as well as the effects of the drugs and alcohol itself. If you look around and notice people who are taking drugs you can always tell by the way their body looks. They will usually have dark circles under their eyes, and be skinnier than normal. Their teeth, hair and nails can look unhealthy as well. This isn't always just a result of the drugs but also due to the lack of nutrition.

Because the body needs specific nutrients in order to survive, drug users have a much harder time when they decide to try to get off of the drugs. Since their body is already so depleted it will take extra work and time to rebuild it. You will also need even more help to detox from drugs and alcohol and. The diet that someone needs to eat while they are doing rehabilitation has to be sufficient enough to provide all of the essential nutrients as well as the additional vitamins that are needed to help the body deal with the stress that it will be going through during the process.

Fruits and vegetables offer vitamins such as C, E and many B vitamins. These can help the body relieve the stress it is undergoing. The food that you eat cannot do it alone though, vitamins and minerals are also an important part of the full recovery.

The Importance Of Vitamins
Extra vitamins such as B Complex, C and E will help the heart, liver and blood in your body. Many doctors recommend a diet excluding sugar and caffeine. Sugar and caffeine both inhibit the body from being able to heal itself. Sugar has been shown to act as a poison to the body, slowing down the metabolism, causing problems with the body's natural blood sugar as well as effecting things such as a person's hunger and sleep.

Not only does diet play a huge part in the process but exercise also should not be ignored. When the body exercises it builds up its own stamina. It also helps get blood flowing to all of the internal organs. When blood flows to the different organs it feeds them the vitamins and oxygen that are needed to repair and build. Exercise helps also to lower blood pressure and releases endorphins which help a person feel better and be happier.

These things are all definitely needed in regular life but especially needed while a person is trying to rehabilitate themselves from a life of drugs and alcohol.
Usually when a person enters a rehabilitation facility they are given the proper diet and exercise plan to help them successfully recover from the effects of the drugs and successfully quit using them. Once this happens the person has a greater chance of returning to a normal life and if they continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise then they will also be more likely to continue to stay off of drugs.
For more information on this topic contact Narconon Arrowhead or call 800-468-6933. Recovery from addiction is possible and nutrition is one key aspect of this. Learn more today.
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