Smokers, Would You Prefer A Feather, A Brick Or A Truck?

What has smoking got to do with Feathers, Bricks or Trucks? Well everything and nothing.
A feather gives you a gentle tickle. A brick thrown at your head can knock you out and a truck can flatten you on the road.
The feather tickle might just be a morning cough, or having people complain about the smoky smell on your clothes. Or maybe the money you spend each week, or being a little puffed climbing the stairs.
The brick to the head could be a frequent productive cough, feeling your heart race at even mild exertion, or perhaps hearing of someone you know getting lung cancer.
The truck flattening you might be a diagnosis of cancer or emphysema or noticing you are coughing up blood.
By now I'm sure you are getting the picture. The only question is do you need to be tickled into taking action or do you need a brick in the face.
In my experience about 20% of clients are tickled, 70% have been slammed with a brick and 10% are trying to pick themselves up off the pavement after having been run down by the truck of fate.
Even if you are just at the stage of being tickled, logic would dictate that you take action because of the, all too well-known dramatic tragic consequences.
But logic only plays a small part in the smoking game. Sure some people just wake up one day and say, no more and they quit. It could be asked what led them to that decision then, and why not before.
Maybe it's when they shifted from being tickled to being hit with the brick. Such a move could come about through a big rise in government cigarettes. What I have observed is that those who are being tickled have a belief that they are still in control and that they will quit when they want to and often they don't think they will get cancer anyway. Talk about a case of self-delusion.
Those in the brick group are the best candidates for quitting; they are past the delusion of the feather group. They feel the effects of smoking and have often arrived at a point where they have had enough.
Any group can quit but the bricks have the most commitment. The feathers are still a bit casual and the trucks have a slight attitude of; well it doesn't matter anyway, I'm sick I might as well just keep smoking. This of course is kind of crazy as it just makes any possible cure even more remote.
So bite the bullet and just do it, book your hypnosis session and just get smoking out of your life for good.
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Wishing you the best of health
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