Meth Addiction Recovery

Have you seen the faces of Methamphetamine addiction? The helpless souls that are being lost on a daily basis to this powerful drug are countless. It is destroying lives and families across the nation and leaving its ugly mark on those who have been affected by its evil presence. As I look through the pages of pictures of the lives it has destroyed forever, I cry. I have never seen such sorrow.
Methamphetamine takes an average of 25,000 lives a year and counting. The short term effects of the drug include: increased attention and decreased fatigue, increased activity and wakefulness, decreased appetite, euphoria and rush, increased respiration, rapid/irregular heartbeat and hypothermia. The pleasurable effects of methamphetamine are believed to be due to the release of very high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine which plays an important role in motivation, pleasure, reward and movement.

The long term effects of the drug consist of psychosis, including: paranoia, hallucinations, repetitive motor activity, changes in brain structure and function, memory loss, aggressive or violent behavior, mood disturbances, severe dental problems, weight loss and sometimes death! These symptoms are not something I would want to experience, nor would I want to see my family or friends suffer them either.
It is time that we as a nation come together and stop this evil drug from taking any more lives! In today's society it is becoming increasingly popular to go to treatment for our addictions. In the past, help was mostly in the form of going to the hospital or the physiatric ward to handle one's problems. Thank God we are moving past that view in some places and finding alternative routes to overcome our addictions and ills.
At this time there are no miracle drugs that can reduce or treat the effects of methamphetamine abuse. The only real solution that can even begin to help someone who has abused this drug or any other is a detoxification program to remove all drug toxins from the body combined with cognitive therapy. The two combined can help restore the person physically, emotionally and mentally to the best they can be. This type of therapy has a success rate of over 70%, whereas most other treatment types have a success rate of less than 3%-5%.
Bio-physical treatment therapy is not new, it has actually been around since the 1960's and is growing in many parts of the United States. Although traditional types of treatment are still considered the mainstream, it's easy to see, once you look, that they are becoming less popular. This is mainly due to their low success rates and high recidivism rates, meaning that the relapse rate is much higher when choosing a traditional type of program.
Any type of addiction is painful to the person who is going through it. It is also painful for their family and friends who have to watch as the person suffers. I find it hard to believe that there is not more being done in our country by our federal government to stop addiction. Not to say there is nothing being done to handle these drugs related issues but, as it is such an epidemic, one would think it would be a top major priority for our nation. At times it has seems as if we were taking a stand on the war on drugs but somehow it always falls to the way side.
If you or someone you know is trapped by the painful grip of methamphetamine addiction, or any other addiction, please call for help today. We have today and there is no guarantee that tomorrow will ever come for us. Call 888-656-2111 to speak to a counselor for more information on drug abuse and the treatment available for those who are addicted.

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