How to Lose Weight While Quitting Smoking

Weight gain is one reason why most smokers are afraid to quit. They believe that once they stop their vice, their bodies' metabolism will change significantly and it will store fat rather than utilizing it. Although this is not scientifically proven and although most smokers who stopped didn't gain weight, there are some quitters who do gained weight after they quit. So if you want to quit smoking and not gain any additional weight, this article is for you.

This may astound you but the reality is, you should not gain any extra fats when you quit smoking. Why? Fats come from the food that you eat and quitting will not do any major change in your body's metabolism. There are two major reasons why this myth came to be; fist, smokers are just making up this excuse in order to protect their addiction. Secondly, smokers intentionally or unintentionally develop bad eating habits while during the withdrawal stage.
Defending one's addiction by giving all sorts of excuses like gaining weight is but normal. The addict by all means will try to justify his vice and this is the reason why quitting has become difficult. The smoker must learn to change his mind set about smoking. On the other hand, the second reason stated above is the real reason why people add weight as soon as they stop smoking.
In order to make the quitter's life easy during the withdrawal stage, they keep their mouth busy by eating all sorts of things especially junk foods. As the ex-smoker's taste buds have improved and so does the taste of the food that he is eating.
Sooner than he or she thinks, a deadly habit is about to replace the old one which is unhealthy eating habit and could give detrimental effects on the ex-smoker's body. Soon they will blame their quitting as the main reason why they became obese or fat. Again they will try to protect their newly developed bad habit that is causing them to be overweight.
Now that we know the facts, it's very simple to lose weight while you are quitting smoking. Instead of making your mouth busy with food, why not make it busy by chewing a gum instead. Drinking water is also an excellent idea to ward of cravings or urges during the withdrawal stage. The important thing is to avoid eating unhealthy meals or junk foods. So instead of munching a bag of chips why not try eating a bag of young fresh carrots?
Quitting your addiction to nicotine entails a lot of discipline, commitment and motivation. The percentage of successful quitters is very low compared to those that fail. So if you want to quit successfully, you should start your quitting correctly from the start. You should not replace your smoking habit with another destructive habit like unhealthy eating practices.
You should do your best to find a positive habit that will replace the old one. And once you have successfully endured the withdrawal stage, not only have you quit smoking but you also have successfully controlled your weight and maintained a healthy life.
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