Alcohol Poisoning - Diagnosis and Alcohol Treatment Methods

Alcohol poisoning usually results from excessive amounts of drinking. When any subject consumes an excessive amount of alcohol, it usually causes depression as well as discontinuance of the nerve cells. People cannot control their breathing. These abusers are also known to suffer from breathing problems and reduced ability to control gag reflex. An irreversible effect of alcohol poisoning is brain damage. Alcohol treatment methods are highly recommended for such individuals. The waning signs for alcohol poisoning are:

• Vomiting 
• Confusion 
• Passing out 
• Inability to awaken 
• Low body temperature 
• Irregular breathing 
• Seizures etc

Most people do not realize the effects of alcohol until it is too late. Another much unknown fact of alcohol use is that the level of alcohol continues to rise in the blood level even after an individual stops drinking. This is because alcohol takes about 30 minutes to 90 minutes time to find its ways to the blood stream and into the circulation. In case, an individual consumes excessive alcohol or practices binge drinking and shows any of the above symptoms of intoxication, then they require immediate alcohol treatment.
Treatment for Alcohol Poisoning
Hangover has nothing to do with alcohol poisoning. In case an individual is suffering from alcohol poisoning, administering coffee or sleeping it off will not serve the purpose. The person needs help from an emergency ward which can administer effective procedures to save life. Most alcohol Poisoning effects are observed when heavy drink is consumed with any medication.
The best approach to avoid the requirement for alcohol poisoning treatment is to shun away from alcohol. The person could also try out drinking as much water as possible in order to avoid dehydration. In case the person is suffering from breathing problem, the patient should be kept lying on their side. The basic approach is to keep the patient awake and alert, such that they do not pass out.
At the hospital, physicians usually pump out the abusers stomach to treat alcohol poisoning. The process is also called gastric irrigation or gastric problems. A tube is inserted through the patient's mouth up to the stomach. Small amount of warm water is incorporated repeated till the patient's stomach is cleared out of any contents.
Alcohol treatment and alcohol poisoning treatment is very different from each other. While alcohol poisoning treatment is more of an immediate help to an abuser due to overdose of alcohol, alcohol treatment is more of a long period of treatment for the patients who are alcohol addicts. In both cases the subjects require immediate help and enrollment to a facility which has experts with proper proficiency and experience to handle such cases. Alcoholism treatment methods include the 12-step method as well as different religious and non religious methods of treatment which has been incorporated recently. It also requires therapy through proper support group and psychiatrist who can handle the underlying issues about abuse and alcoholism. It uses medicine and psychotherapy to treat patients to complete recovery.
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