Drug Rehab Information: What to Expect at a Drug Treatment Center

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to attend an inpatient free drug rehab program you might be frightened. You may have many feelings coming up for you and you may even feel sorry for yourself. You also probably have questions about the drug rehab facility itself. This article will prepare you for what to expect in an inpatient treatment setting.
Naturally there are thousands of drug rehab centers around the world, just as there are millions of drug addicts, however there are a few things that commonly define all of them. All drug treatment centers specialize in teaching their patients (or clients depending upon the rehab) how to get off drugs and then how to live their lives without having to go back to drugs or alcohol.
Therefore, you can be absolutely certain that there won't be any alcohol served or drugs available in rehab. You have probably been using or drinking for a long time in order to mask your feelings but you are going to need to prepare yourself to face them. You will be expected to remain sober and chemically abstinent during your stay in rehab.
Rehab typically lasts for more than 25 days and, depending upon the treatment center, could last for many months. So be mentally prepared to be away from home for a while. And, unless you are visiting an upscale executive rehab center, you can expect to have a room mate or many. Some people are surprised to learn that they will not be getting a private room, so this is something that you will need to prepare yourself for.

Rehabs typically use the 12 step approach to sobriety. This method is based on the rules of Alcoholics Anonymous whose Big Book forms the foundation for most rehabs. True there are other, alternative rehabs like Narconon that use a different approach, but generally rehabs are based on the 12 steps and 12 traditions.
57SWDACCQZVB This means that the program will be spiritual in nature. While AA, and the other 12 Step fellowships, does not claim to be a religious organization there are many spiritual precepts ingrained in their tenets. Therefore, in order to get the most out of your experience you will need to become open to the idea of a Higher Power. Most call their higher power God, however it is perfectly acceptable to find an alternate higher power if you so choose.

If you are smoker you should also be aware that many rehabs and treatment facilities are beginning to ban tobacco products on their campuses. However, because many drug addicts and alcoholics are tobacco users, not all rehabs have adopted this position.
Another thing to be aware of is that rehabs are usually co-ed, though you can find a treatment center that is gender specific if you so desire. However, it is nearly universal that in rehab sexual and romantic relationships are strictly prohibited. In most rehabs having a sexual relationship can be cause to be thrown out. Also, many people in rehab have blood-borne diseases, especially IV drug abusers, and it is therefore not a good idea to find a mate among the general population.
That is generally what to expect when entering drug rehab. Naturally, one could write a book on this very subject so do not consider this article to be exhaustive. However, these facts might make you feel more at home before you enter a rehab center for the first time.
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